Spiritual insights and personal guidance through divine dialogue

Spiritual insights and personal guidance
through divine dialogue

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Includes GPT-3.5, personalized by Digie

Imagine a heart-to-heart with Jesus, where your deepest questions meet divine understanding. It's a conversation that brings clarity, comfort, and guidance while navigating's life's challenges with renewed faith.


Engage in a profound conversation with Abraham, where ancient wisdom meets personal guidance. In this heartfelt exchange, find clarity and reassurance, embracing life's journey with a deepened sense of purpose.


Seek counsel with Allah, drawing closer to His infinite wisdom and boundless mercy. Through this intimate dialogue, experience the depths of Quranic teachings and divine guidance, fortifying your faith and illuminating your path.


Commune with Buddha, and step into a realm where enlightenment and inner peace converge. As you journey through this serene dialogue, uncover the path to mindfulness, guiding you to embrace life with a renewed clarity and purpose.


Step into a dialogue with Brahma, the cosmic creator, to unravel the essence of creation and continuity. Through this enlightening exchange, receive guidance on life's intricate tapestry and understand your unique purpose within it.


Delve into a conversation with Confucius, the sage of ancient wisdom and moral ethos. Through insightful dialogue, draw upon his teachings for guidance, finding balance and harmony in navigating life's complexities.

Includes GPT-3.5, personalized by Digie
Digie is a deterministic AI that combines its private knowledge of you along with GPT 3.5 generative AI faith-based knowledge to simulate a conversation with your selected divine entity. Responses are intended to provide personal insights and guidance related to your statements, and the quality of the information you receive may vary. Your personal information is securely and 100% accurately retained in your private Digie and never used to train generatve AI models.

"I like to compare responses from different entities to learn more about other faiths, and to get different perspectives on my problems."

"DigieFaith gives me a direct line to the source of my faith for personal advice and insights, saves and organizes what I need to remember, and even helps me share it with my family."

Your data security is our #1 priority

All your sensitive information is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption and stored on protected DigitalOcean servers; even Digie employees cannot view it.

Digie uses highly secure Amazon S3 compatible object storage to save and privately deliver all your images and files.

Everything sent to and from Digie is fully SSL secured to insure privacy during transmission and protect from eavesdropping.

When accessing GPT capabilities, we employ OpenAI's API to insure that your information will never be used to train or improve GPT models.